Increased ridership reported in city’s car-sharing program

The first car-sharing company to be part of the City of Minneapolis’ pilot program, is finding a lot of customers in the city. That’s all according to Car2go’s recently released third-quarter report.

The City’s car-sharing pilot program began with Car2go  on Sept. 12, 2013. About six months later, Hourcar and Zipcar were added to the two-year program. These three companies have since been sharing vehicles throughout town using on-street parking spaces as well as off-street ones. The on-street parking spaces will make it more convenient for users to get a car when they need it.

According to Car2go’s third-quarter report:

Car sharing reduces the need for people in the city to own their own cars. Members can reserve one whenever they need to. In general, vehicles can be rented by the hour or day, and the rates usually cover all vehicle expenses, including maintenance, fuel, insurance and parking fees.

There is no City funding in this car sharing pilot program. However, the three car-sharing companies will need to pay the City market rates for use of each on-street parking space.

More information on program is available from the three participating car-sharing businesses: 

·         Car2go: Josh Johnson – 612-759-8711,

·         Hourcar: Christopher Bineham – 651-789-5702,

·         Zipcar: Brian Harvey – 612-270-2848,


Published Jun 18, 2014