Appraisers reviewing properties in East Harriet, Tangletown, Bancroft and Standish neighborhoods

Appraisers from the City of Minneapolis Assessor’s Office are currently conducting an official review of residential properties in the East Harriet, Tangletown, Bancroft and Standish neighborhoods.

State law requires that appraisers from the City of Minneapolis physically review all properties in the city once every five years. This ensures that the Assessor’s Office has the most current and accurate information to properly value your property and all properties throughout the city. Appraisers carry a City identification card and are required to show it if asked.

Appraisers will be viewing the exterior of the resident’s property and will knock on their door to verify property information (if resident is home). Appraisers may also ask for permission to view the interior of the home (at the time of the review or at a later time via appointment) depending on if there are data discrepancies, such as changes in condition. 

If residents have any questions about property reviews, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 612-673-2483.


Published Jun 9, 2014