Minneapolis’ high credit ratings help save $6.34 million in the coming years

The City of Minneapolis has again been assigned some of the highest credit ratings of cities in the country. As a result of the high ratings and low interest rate environment, the City was able to sell five series of bonds totaling $76.905 million today, leading to future debt service savings of $6.34 million in the coming years.

The City sells bonds periodically to finance capital projects, including sewer and water system improvements, street paving, lighting and traffic signal improvements, public facilities, etc. Refunding bonds work similarly to the way a person might refinance a home, meaning the City refunds bonds it sold years ago by selling new bonds at lower interest rates.

Prior to the bond sale, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services assigned the City of Minneapolis triple AAA ratings, the highest ratings possible. Moody’s affirmed the City’s Aa1 rating, which is its second-highest rating, placing Minneapolis among the top-rated cities and local districts in the country. Less than 10 percent of jurisdictions, and just a handful of major cities, have a Aa1 rating or higher from Moody’s.

In giving Minneapolis a top rating, Fitch noted that the City has strong financial fundamentals, stating that “the city consistently exhibits stable financial performance.” Standard and Poor’s reported that “We view the city's management conditions as very strong, with strong financial practices,” and Moody’s noted the City’s “well managed financial operations” and relatively conservative levels of debt.

In the last several years, City leaders have taken significant steps to streamline City services, find efficiencies and address financial challenges. Long-term financial planning has allowed the City to maintain strong financial reserves and assures that ongoing expenses are supported by ongoing revenue. City leaders have also cut the City’s debt burden significantly in the last several years.

Highlights from the five series of bonds include:

Published Nov 19, 2013