Air quality testing begins

The City of Minneapolis is studying air quality with 120 canisters placed throughout the city Nov. 4 to 7. The 15-inch-high, 8-inch-wide stainless steel electro-polished canisters  will collect air samples and then be sent to a laboratory for analysis. The study is sampling air quality for 77 different chemicals and will update air quality data last collected in 2006.

Air quality in Minneapolis is among the best of large metropolitan areas in the U.S. Still, the area has air quality issues that contribute to asthma, lung disease, heart disease and other health problems. Most air pollution comes from fossil fuel combustion for transportation and electricity generation. In the last year, Minneapolis has had 28 days over health standards as measured by the air quality index for ozone.

Check here for more information about what the City of Minneapolis is doing for air quality.


Published Nov 5, 2013