City Council hears presentation on proposed Youth Cabinet

The Minneapolis City Council’s Committee of the Whole will hear a presentation today at 10 a.m. about establishing a new City of Minneapolis Youth Cabinet. City Attorney Susan Segal and Health Commissioner Gretchen Musicant will make the presentation about the Youth Cabinet that will help identify and incorporate the needs of youth and families into the work of all City departments.

Specifically, the City of Minneapolis is establishing the Youth Cabinet to:

  1. Coordinate the City’s role in implementing the Youth Coordinating Board Call to Action and Youth Compact;
  2. Develop a framework for incorporating the needs of youth and families as a focal point of the work of the City;
  3. Encourage department efforts to incorporate youth and children in their goals, business planning and work and identify resources to facilitate department efforts;
  4. Identify and foster opportunities for engaging neighborhood and community partners in supporting youth and families; and
  5. Connect and integrate city efforts to address issues affecting children and youth.

Membership of the Cabinet will include at least one representative each from the City Coordinator’s Office, Health Department, Police Department, Civil Rights Department, Public Works Department, Neighborhood and Community Relations Department, Community Planning and Economic Development Department, as well as one City Council Member appointed by the Council President; and one member from the Mayor’s office appointed by the Mayor.

Here is the Youth Cabinet Resolution.

Published Sep 19, 2013