Dowling Community Garden celebrates 70 years - one of two surviving World War II victory gardens in nation

From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with a program at noon this Saturday, Dowling Community Garden will celebrate its 70 years producing local food. Dowling Garden is at 3901 46th Ave. S.

Dowling Community Garden is believed to be among the oldest community gardens in the nation. It is also one of only two surviving World War II victory gardens. The public land that has been home to the garden for all these years has provided healthy food to thousands of Minneapolis families and also been a source of fresh food to local food shelves and neighbors in need of nutritious food. 

Dowling Community Garden contacts: Jeffrey Loesch or Kathleen O’Brien, 612-722-8475,

Community gardens bring a multitude of benefits including nutritious food; exercise and community connections for its residents; and the beauty of green, growing things.

Community gardening is one of many ways to make Minneapolis a more livable, attractive, resilient and healthy city. Through Homegrown Minneapolis, the City works across departments and throughout communities to align City regulations, policies and programs with goals as complex as reducing levels of obesity to goals as simple as people gardening with their neighbors – enjoying the basic human skills of planting, working together and harvesting.

With the nutrition of fresh produce and the physical work of gardening, Minneapolis residents get healthier. With the cooperation of neighbors, residents get closer to each other and stronger in their community lives. With the growing plants, gardens reduce the urban heat island effect and filter rainwater, helping to keep rivers, lakes and groundwater clean.

Minneapolis has:

The City of Minneapolis supports community gardening by providing compost and access to water and linking residents, gardeners and entrepreneurs with seeds, seedlings, tools, education and connections. A City resolution on Community Garden Day lists more of the benefits of community gardens.

Published Aug 22, 2013