Minneapolis, partners raising bed bug prevention awareness

To help those in Minneapolis who may be at risk for bed bugs, the Minneapolis Health Department along with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), the University of Minnesota’s Let’s Beat the Bug! Campaign and Emergency Community and Health Outreach (ECHO) worked together to produce informational materials about bed bugs and to reach out to the community to help people who may dealing with bed bugs.

The outreach campaign and promotional materials target folks who may be at higher risk for bed bugs, including low-income communities, immigrant and refugee communities, City employees (fire, police, housing inspectors) who frequent houses at risk for bed bug infestations, and employees of other organizations who that work with residents who are or may be at risk for bed bugs.

The educational materials are online, so anyone can learn more and share the information with people they know who may need it. The online resources include:

The newly updated City of Minneapolis – Bed Bugs website features YouTube videos, Frequently Asked Questions: Myths and Misunderstandings, and informational fliers on bed bug identification, prevention, control and more.


Published Aug 21, 2013