67 same-sex couples married at City Hall on first day of Freedom to Marry

On the first day that all Minnesotans can legally marry the person they love, 67 same-sex couples were married in a night-long celebration in the Rotunda of Minneapolis City Hall that ended at 6:45 a.m.

Mayor Rybak married 46 couples in the City Hall Rotunda who have been together a total of 734 years. Seven of the couples that Mayor Rybak married have been together more than 30 years.

Hennepin County Judges Peter Albrecht, Peter Cahill, Elizabeth Cutter, Margaret Daly, Daniel Mabley, David Piper and Edward Wahl — along with State Senator Scott Dibble, the lead Senate author of Minnesota’s freedom-to-marry law — officiated the weddings of an additional 21 same-sex couples in the Minneapolis City Council chambers.

A wide variety of goods, services and performances were generously donated to the celebration by local businesses, wedding providers and musicians.

Published Aug 1, 2013