Public hearings Aug. 1 to consider authorizing municipal acquisition of energy utilities

Public hearings are being held Aug. 1 to consider authorizing the acquisition and establishment of municipal electrical and gas utilities. The hearings will take place during the City Council’s Committee of the Whole Meeting in City Hall :

Public hearings on municipal acquisition of energy utilities
10 a.m., August 1, 2013
City Council Chamber, Room 317

Members of the public may comment on the municipal acquisition issue at the hearing and will need to register when they arrive. Speaking time will be limited. Anyone bringing written materials to distribute at the hearing is requested to bring 20 copies. Written comments are encouraged and can be submitted in advance to

This action comes as the City prepares to enter into energy franchise negotiations with Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy. State law currently limits Minneapolis’ authority over utilities in franchise agreements; however, the City is seeking legislative changes to allow negotiations with Xcel and CenterPoint to explore how Minneapolis could make progress toward its goals for sustainable energy, improved air quality, equity and green jobs. The City is exploring options to achieve its energy goals outside the existing franchise agreement structure including the potential for municipal acquisition of one or both energy utilities.

For more information on energy utility franchise agreements, go to

Published Jul 26, 2013