Adopting a pet from Minneapolis Animal Care & Control just got easier

Now that warmer weather has arrived, more animals are coming into Minneapolis Animal Care & Control, which means it’s a great time to come in and find a new pet. To make adopting a pet even easier, beginning this spring, every dog, cat or rabbit that is adopted or transferred to a rescue group will be spayed or neutered before leaving the animal shelter. In the past, spaying or neutering was required, but new pet owners had to take care of it themselves within 30 days of the adoption.

Why spay/neuter?

Between six and eight million cats and dogs enter our nation’s shelter system each year.  Animal shelters cannot save and support this huge number of accidental litters, strays and offspring of family pets.  As a result, nearly four million animals nationally are humanely euthanized annually due to overpopulation.  Spaying and neutering is the only 100 percent proven way to reduce these numbers and save animals’ lives.

There are also many benefits to pet owners and pets for spaying/neutering including:

The Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance will perform the surgeries at the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shelter.

New fees for pet adoptions

The cost of the spay/neuter surgeries, along with a rabies vaccination, will be included in new adoption fees, which will still be significantly lower compared to the market for pet adoptions in the metro area.


Adoption Fee (includes all vaccinations + Spay/Neuter fee)


Cats - adult

$60 + tax


Kittens / Adolescent

(under 1 year)

$110 + tax

Dogs - adult

$150 + tax


Puppies (under 1 year)

$185 + tax



$40 + tax


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Published Jun 19, 2013