Minneapolis gears up for 2013 election

The City Council's Elections Committee heard updates today on the City’s preparations for the 2013 municipal election on Nov. 5. Among the changes for this year are new voting equipment and processes to speed up election results, a handful of new polling places, and a new Voter Ambassador Program that will help make sure voters are ready to use ranked choice voting at the polls this year.

Minneapolis voters will use ranked-choice voting this fall to elect a mayor and members of the City Council, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Park and Recreation Board. In ranked-choice voting, voters can rank up to three candidates for each office.

To be prepared for the City’s second ranked-choice voting election, Minneapolis Elections and Voter Services has made a number of improvements to help voters know what to expect on Election Day and to help make sure their voting experience is as smooth as possible. At this meeting, the City Council’s Elections Committee will hear updates on a number of areas, including:

·         New voting equipment and processes that will speed up the process of counting ballots and getting results

·         Plans to provide better line management and signage in polling places

·         Voter outreach and education plans that will help make sure people know how to vote using ranked-choice voting. This includes a new Voter Ambassador Program, which will recruit community leaders who will work to educate target communities and encourage them to vote Nov. 5.

·         Five polling places that will be relocated to better serve voters in 2013

To learn more on today's election update to the City Council, see the information posted on today's meeting agenda.


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Published Jun 12, 2013