Energy Innovation Corridor wins 2013 Environmental Initiative Award

The Energy Innovation Corridor’s 21 partners have taken actions that avoided more than 1.8 billion pounds of carbon dioxide pollution since 2010 including efforts to improve energy efficiency, increase renewable energy, and implement smart technology and transportation solutions. The pollution avoided is the equivalent of removing more than 173,000 cars from the road or enough energy to power nearly 43,000 homes for a year.

These efforts won a 2013 Environmental Initiative award in the energy and climate protection category. Environmental Initiative is a nonprofit organization that builds partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to environmental problems through events, policy and projects.

The Energy Innovation Corridor lies along the 11-mile METRO Green Line (Central Corridor) between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The corridor is a clean energy and transportation showcase offering energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative transportation and smart technology tools and programs to local businesses and residents. The partners provide programs, rebates, financing and services.

Among many projects and initiatives involved, the City of Minneapolis has or contributes to several, including:

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Published Jun 3, 2013