Help prevent arson in Minneapolis 

It's Arson Awareness Week and the the City of Minneapolis is using this time to provide all residents with strategies to prevent arson in their neighborhoods. The Minneapolis Fire Department and Minneapolis Police Department recommend four simple things folks can do to help prevent arson:

  1. Lock cars and garages
  2. Put leaf bags and oversized items out for trash collection no earlier than day of pickup
  3. Install outdoor lighting
  4. If you see something, say something. Call 911

There are a number of reasons people intentionally set fires including vandalism, concealing another crime, insurance fraud, and curiosity. Most “curiosity” fires are set by children. If you have young children at home, make sure that matches and lighters are stored out of their reach. Talk to your kids about fire power – that fire is a tool, not a toy. In fires that are started by children where there is a burn victim or fatality – that victim is most often the child (fire starter) themselves. If you are concerned about arson in your neighborhood, call your local MPD Crime Prevention Specialist, or the Minneapolis Fire Department:

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Published May 10, 2013