City crews prepare for freezing road conditions overnight

We’ve had a lot of thaws this winter, only to have freezing temperatures return. This has created slippery conditions on streets. And tonight, after hitting the mid-30s today, forecasts are calling for another period of freezing temperatures. In preparation for those icy conditions, City crews are now busy treating Minneapolis roads in preparation for tomorrow’s commute.

Crews are out sanding and salting the streets to prevent them from getting slippery overnight. Plows are also are clearing slush and snow out of the parking lanes whenever possible to prevent frozen ruts from forming.

Residents and business owners should also plan to address icy conditions. Sand and salt can help sidewalks remain walkable. And keep in mind, Minneapolis ordinance requires all property owners to clear ice from sidewalks in front of homes and duplexes. This helps everyone who uses our sidewalks, especially people who use strollers and wheelchairs.

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Published Jan 29, 2013