Study looks at factors contributing to bicycle-motor vehicle collisions

A study is shedding some light on factors that contribute to crashes involving bicycles and motor vehicles. The information will help the City in its efforts to reduce the number of these collisions and make the City safer for biking and driving.

Nearly 3,000 bicyclist-motorist crash records from 2000 to 2010 were examined by the City’s Department Public Works for the report, titled “Understanding Bicyclist-Motorists Crashes in Minneapolis.” Additional crash information was extracted analyzed and mapped from Minnesota Department of Public Safety accident reports.

The study found that bike-motor vehicle crashes are complex events and there is no common contributing factor. However, three primary conclusions emerge from the data:

The analysis also found that both bicyclists and motorists are equally contributing to the causes of crashes. Also, while bicycle commuters have increased over the past five years, the number of bicycle-motor vehicle crashes have remained relatively flat.

The City plans to use these findings to build on its current efforts to improve the safety of bicyclists. The City will also use the findings to inform and influence the design of new bicycle facilities, the redesign of existing roadways, the development of education and enforcement programs, and the creation of bicycle-related policy in Minneapolis.

The report is available online at


Published Jan 15, 2013