Minneapolis restores regular water service Downtown

Minneapolis has now fully restored all water service from the repaired 36-inch water transmission line after tests confirmed today that the water is safe to drink. The backup service the City put in place to provide temporary water service for the six buildings in the affected area is no longer in use. For residents in these buildings, there will be a seamless transition to the new water supply with no break in their water service.

City crews finished repairs to the water transmission line on Monday. While crews were in the process of disinfecting the water system and making sure it was safe to drink, a backup service using temporary water lines was in place for the buildings that were without water since the break.

Approximately 14 million gallons of water flowed out of the system following a break in a water transmission line at a construction site on Jan. 3. Within a few hours, all but three blocks of 2nd Street North had water service fully restored, including every bar and restaurant in the area. The buildings that needed temporary water service were all on 2nd Street North, between 3rd Avenue North and Hennepin Avenue.

Street Updates:

The only remaining street closure is a block of 2nd Street North, from Hennepin Avenue to 1st Avenue North.  Although the street is closed, there is access to a parking lot and a parking ramp on that street. One southbound lane of Hennepin Avenue, from 2nd Street North to Washington Avenue North, is closed for building construction.  

Published Jan 10, 2013