Minneapolis tackles nearly 70 miles of City streets during 2012 construction season

The 2012 street construction season is drawing to a close and as a result Minneapolis has nearly 70 miles of city streets reconstructed, resurfaced or seal coated. This year’s street projects include those funded through the acceleration program: a five-year initiative that’s helped the City keep up with the regular wear and tear on our roadways. 

The Minneapolis Public Works 2012 street construction season, by the numbers:

0.94 miles of streets reconstructed (up 14 percent from 2011)
35.37 miles of streets and parkways resurfaced 25.83 (up 32 percent from 2011)
31.5 miles of roadways and alleys seal coated (up 68 percent from 2011)

67.81 miles of improved driving surfaces

Some of this year’s projects:

For more information about Minneapolis’ 2012 construction projects visit www.minneapolismn.gov/public-works.

Published Nov 13, 2012