Elections results now in from two of three hand-counted precincts

Election results are now available for two of the three precincts in Minneapolis that are being hand counted. The results for precincts 10-1 and 10-2 are now available on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website. Scroll down the list of cities to find Minneapolis precincts. The hand count of precinct 10-8 is continuing Friday.

Minneapolis reported election results from 97 percent of the city’s precincts (114 of 117 precincts) on election night as usual. However, some of the ballots used in the remaining three precincts (10-1, 10-2, and 10-8) had technical printing errors on the margins of the ballots that caused them to be un-scannable by the standard ballot counters. These printing errors did not affect the ballot content or any races or issues on the ballot.

Following state rules and guidelines for scenarios like this, about 5,500 ballots are being hand counted under the supervision of City and County staff. The top priority for elections officials and staff is to get an accurate count.

Minneapolis would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s election. More than 200,000 voters cast ballots in Minneapolis, with the help of more than 2,200 election judges and volunteers at the polls who all played a part in ensuring folks had an opportunity to share their voice and participate on Election Day.


Published Nov 9, 2012