Minneapolis to hand count ballots for three precincts beginning Nov. 7

Minneapolis provided the vast majority of its election results Tuesday, Nov. 6 as usual, and every vote cast will be included in the City’s final election tallies. However, there are three precincts (out of 117) where results were not available. These precincts are 10-1, 10-2, and 10-8. A number of ballots in these precincts have technical printing errors affecting the margins of the ballots that would not even be noticeable to the voter, but which cause them to be un-scannable by the standard ballot tabulators. These printing errors do not affect the ballot content or any races or issues on the ballot. Following state rules and guidelines for scenarios like this, the City and Hennepin County will work together, beginning today, to include these un-scannable votes in the final vote tallies.

Beginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday, ballots from these three precincts will be hand counted at the Minneapolis elections warehouse, which is at 732a Harding St. NE. The hand count will be open to media. Again, only a very small percentage of the City's precincts have been affected. Voters should be assured that every ballot will be counted.

Published Nov 7, 2012