Winter Hazard Awareness Week is Nov. 5-9

Whether you happily look forward to that first snowfall or you dread the thought of snow and ice, winter is on its way. To ensure we’re ready and as part of Winter Hazard Awareness Week, the folks at Homeland Security and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety have put together pointers to ensure we’ll be ready for whatever winter brings.

Winter Weather Overview - Ice storms, blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, winter weather watches and warnings and wind-chill.

Outdoor Winter Safety - Safety on ice, snowmobile safety, hypothermia and frostbite.

Winter Fire Safety – Winter and holiday fire safety, alternative heat sources, smoke detectors, cooking safety, candle and decorations

Indoor Winter Safety – Carbon monoxide, radon, mold and general home care

Winter Driving – auto safety, snowplows, road conditions, using 5-1-1, winter driving tips, car survival kits and calling 911 on a cell phone.

Published Nov 7, 2012