Minneapolis tap water returns to Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Runners taking part in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon will be drinking Minneapolis tap water at several water stops on the course. Organizers made the switch from bottled water last year and have decided to stick to Minneapolis tap. The reasons are as clear as the water itself: Minneapolis tap water is clean, great tasting, and a better environmental and economic choice than bottled water.

The marathon, which begins in Minneapolis and ends at the state Capitol in Saint Paul, has several water stops along the course. Nine of the water stops will provide Minneapolis tap water to runners. They are at:

The annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon is organized and directed by Twin Cities In Motion, a non-profit corporation provides community supported, nationally recognized, high quality running events which attract athletes of all ages and abilities and promote health and fitness.


Minneapolis is the state’s largest producer of drinking water. We make around 60 million gallons of clean tap water every day that meets or is better than federal Safe Drinking Water standards. Unlike bottled water, which often costs more than gasoline, Minneapolis tap is a bargain at less than half a cent a gallon. Plus, drinking Minneapolis tap water is a better choice for the environment because it creates less waste: no shipping or single-use plastic bottles are needed for folks to enjoy it.

Minneapolis tap water is delivered to thousands of homes and businesses throughout Minneapolis, Bloomington, Columbia Heights, Golden Valley, Crystal, New Hope, Hilltop and the Morningside neighborhood of Edina.

You can get more information on the quality and value of Minneapolis tap water at www.tapmpls.com.

Published Oct 5, 2012