9-year-old boy, 911 operator honored for helping save 2-year-old girl’s life

A Minneapolis 911 operator and a 9-year-old Minneapolis boy will receive national recognition during an awards ceremony Monday, Aug. 20 for their response in helping save a 2-year-old girl’s life.

On May 5, 2012, 9-year-old Rodrigo Sosa called 911 because his 2-year-old sister was unconscious from a prolonged seizure. Lori Patrick, a 17-year veteran of Minneapolis 911, answered his call. Sosa, who is the only member of his family who speaks English, remained composed during the call and together he, Patrick, and the Hennepin County EMS Team were able to quickly assess the situation and send an ambulance.

Patrick and Sosa are being recognized as “Local 911 Heroes” by 911 for Kids. The 911 for Kids Local 911 Heroes program was established in 1999 to recognize heroic youngsters who called 911 to save a life or to report a crime. The heroes are nominated by local 911 dispatch centers. These children calmly called 911 and provided the dispatcher with the necessary information to route emergency personnel (police, fire department or medical emergency response) quickly.

911 for Kids is the official emergency caller training program created by U.S. 911 communication center officials, emergency medical, fire and law enforcement professionals who were charged with the task of developing educational tools to help reduce the alarmingly high numbers of non-emergency calls made to 911.

The awards ceremony is part of the Annual NG9-1-1 Institute - APCO Partnership Reception which takes place each year during the International Association of Public Safety Communications Officers conference. This year it’s happening Aug. 19-23 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The conference, which is the public safety communication industry’s largest event of the year, is being hosted by Minneapolis 911 along with the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers.

The NG9-1-1 Institute is a non-profit organization, which shares the mission of the Congressional NG9-1-1 Caucus to assist in promoting public education on NG9-1-1 and emergency communications issues. The NG9-1-1 Institute provides informational support to members of the Next Gen 9-1-1 Congressional Caucus as they pursue their mission of improving 9-1-1 emergency communications

Published Aug 20, 2012