City calls for shut down of child trafficking website

The Minneapolis City Council approved Aug. 17 a resolution calling on Village Voice Media to cease publication of, its online classified section that facilitates the trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation.

The City Council also approved today amending the City’s fiscal year 2013 federal legislative agenda to add support for legislation that works to end the sexual exploitation of youth by building a system that responds effectively to their needs, including sufficient resources and training for law enforcement and service providers.

Minneapolis Police report that all 20 child sex trafficking cases it’s investigated so far in 2012 involved juvenile victims being marketed and "sold" via Numerous advocacy groups, law enforcement officials and religious organizations have called for the shutdown of this website. The National Association of Attorneys General has also filed charges against a person who trafficked or attempted to traffic minors using in more than 50 instances in 22 states over three years.

Trafficking in Minnesota

According to the Advocates for Human Rights and the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs of the Minnesota Department of Public, the scope of sex trafficking in Minnesota includes the following:

On a national level, the Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs estimates that as many as 300,000 children are at risk for sexual exploitation. 

Published Aug 17, 2012