Minneapolis donates second retired fire truck to sister city Eldoret, Kenya

On Friday, June 29, the Minneapolis City Council and Mayor R.T. Rybak approved the donation of a retired City of Minneapolis fire truck to Minneapolis’ sister city Eldoret, Kenya.

The truck, a 1988 pumper, is the second retired fire truck that that the City of Minneapolis has donated to the City of Eldoret since 2011. Following the donation of the first truck, members of the Minneapolis Fire Department traveled to Eldoret in January 2011 to train Eldoret firefighters in firefighting and how to use and maintain the truck. The Fire Department, in partnership with the International Leadership Institute, developed a three-phase training program for the Eldoret Fire Brigade on firefighting skills, first aid, emergency response, and maintenance of the donated fire truck. The City of Eldoret is paying for the shipping of the fire truck.

Eldoret is a city of more than 360,000 people with very little reliable equipment for fighting fires. Before the donation of the first fire truck, Eldoret’s only reliable fire truck was stationed at the airport and could not leave that location, making fighting fires in the city very difficult.

The donation of a second fire truck stems from a request made by an Eldoret delegation that visited Minneapolis in May 2012. During that visit, the Eldoret delegation met with city leaders and members of the Fire Department and visited the City’s Emergency Operations Training Facility, where they observed fire fighter training. 

Published Jun 29, 2012