Minneapolis adds new way to license your pet

Minneapolis pet owners have a new option when it comes to licensing their pets. 

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control has partnered with Sidewalk Dog to make pet licenses available for purchase on the Sidewalk Dog website. A one-year license for a spayed or neutered animal is just $25.

Why license your pet?

A pet license increases the chance that a stray pet will be returned home. If a stray pet is picked up or brought to the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shelter, the cat or dog has a 99 percent chance of being returned home or of finding a new home. By comparison, stray pets that enter the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shelter without a visible license tag only have a 50 percent chance of going to a home. 

Licensing your pet also supports Minneapolis Animal Care & Control’s mission to create safe and healthy communities for people and their pets. Fees from pet licensing also allows Minneapolis Animal Care & Control to shelter and feed lost dogs and cats, educate the public about responsible pet ownership, and reunite lost cats and dogs with their owners.

Rewards program

As a thank you to those who license their pets, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control launched a rewards program. Folks who license their pets will receive a free “I Love My Pet” card to receive discounts and promotions at participating local businesses.

In addition to the Sidewalk Dog website, folks can apply for a pet license on the City’s website, call 311 or visit the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shelter.

Last updated Feb 21, 2013