Minneapolis awarded $1 million to hire firefighters

The federal government has awarded the City of Minneapolis $1.07 million that will be used to hire back six firefighters who were laid off at the end of 2011. The City applied for the grant in February 2012. The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grants program will fund those positions for two years. These re-hires will help boost staffing levels and lower overtime costs that are incurred when firefighters have to be called in for extra shifts.

The SAFER grant program was created to provide federal funding awarded directly to volunteer, combination and career fire departments in order to help them increase the number of trained “front line” firefighters available in their communities.

The grant will need to be formally accepted by the City Council in the coming weeks, and the grant funding will be available for the re-hires in mid-summer.

For more information on SAFER grants, visit www.nfpa.org/SAFERActGrant.

Published Jun 1, 2012