City approves more than $6 million in funding for neighborhoods

The City Council has approved $5.7 million in funding to aid neighborhood organizations in their efforts to reach residents, increase resident involvement, and fund neighborhood projects.

The funding is for the Neighborhood and Community Relations department’s Community Participation Program that encourages and supports participation through neighborhood organizations in three key areas: identifying and acting on neighborhood priorities; influencing City decisions and priorities; and increasing involvement.

Each neighborhood will receive an allocation of Community Participation Program funds for the 18-month period starting July 1, 2012, and for three-year funding cycles starting January 2014. Neighborhood organizations may use these funds to support ongoing community engagement activities, to develop a Neighborhood Priority Plan, or in support of priorities identified in the Neighborhood Priority Plan. A Neighborhood Priority Plan defines the vision and goals for a neighborhood or group of neighborhoods to work with the City and other partners to achieve those goals.

In addition to the $5.7 million approved for the Community Participation Program, the City Council also approved an additional $860,000 for some of the neighborhoods that lost funding in a December 2010 budget action. These additional funds will represent a one-time adjustment to the Community Participation Program allocation for some of the affected neighborhoods.

Community Participation Funds can be used for a variety of purposes including:

For more information visit the Neighborhood and Community Relations website.


Published Apr 16, 2012