Hiawatha Avenue reopens to traffic at Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge

Hiawatha Avenue is now open between East 26th Street and Lake Street. This stretch of highway was closed to traffic Monday, Feb. 20, after a pair of cables broke loose from the Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge over the highway. The street was closed through the week so crews could install shoring under part of the bridge and complete testing and inspection work on the bridge. The Hiawatha light rail line, which also runs beneath the bridge, resumed service Friday, Feb. 24 after workers removed the downed support cables and a second pair of cables that were also compromised.

A team of City, County and other engineers, along with the Minnesota Department of Transportation determined that traffic could return to Hiawatha Avenue in time for Monday morning rush hour. The Sabo Bridge itself will remain closed until repair work is completed.

City and County engineers are working with the original design engineers and others to determine why the cables broke loose. This type of investigation typically takes months to complete.

Published Feb 27, 2012