Light rail service resumes between 38th Street and Franklin Avenue

Hiawatha light rail service resumed to all stations Friday, Feb. 24, following the removal of a pair of compromised cables from the Sabo Bridge. Support structures are in place under the bridge and the bridge recovery team has conducted additional inspections and – working with Metro Transit – determined that light rail service can resume.

Service between the Franklin Avenue Station and 38th Street Station was replaced with buses on Monday, after a suspension cable connection broke loose on the bike and pedestrian bridge, which runs over Hiawatha Avenue and the light rail tracks. 

Crews are doing additional testing and inspections of the bridge, which requires the use of Hiawatha Avenue as a staging area, so the road will remain closed until that work is complete. Work will continue through the weekend. As that work progresses, the bridge recovery team and the Minnesota Department of Transportation will determine when Hiawatha Avenue can reopen. The Sabo Bridge itself will remain closed until repair work is completed.

Published Feb 24, 2012