Residents can play an important role in redistricting in Minneapolis

The new year brings a once‐in‐a‐decade opportunity for people in Minneapolis to participate in redistricting the city, creating boundaries for elections in 2012 and beyond. It’s an important process, because having districts with equal populations helps ensure there is fair representation no matter where you live. Redistricting happens every ten years, following the U.S. Census, and for residents who are interested, there are many opportunities to play an important role in the redistricting process that’s about to start.

For information about the redistricting process, including timelines and the work of the Redistricting Group, see the new Redistricting 2012 website.

Minneapolis residents are encouraged to:

(1) Attend or follow Redistricting Group meetings. See the meeting schedule on the Redistricting 2012 website.

(2) Subscribe to meeting notices at

(3) Email questions or ideas about maps or documents to the Redistricting Group at You must include your name and address, and attachment size is limited to 10 MB.

(4) Submit ideas at public hearings where draft maps will be reviewed. Public hearings on the first draft maps will be held February 29 and March 1. Times and locations will be announced in the coming days and will be published on the Redistricting 2012 website.

(5) Mail in ideas and questions to: Peggy Menshek, 304 City Hall, 350 S. 5th St., Minneapolis, MN 55415.

Published Jan 27, 2012