Report shows Minneapolis has become an even better city for bicycling

More bikeways, increased ridership and fewer crashes highlight improvements seen over past year

Already one of the top cities in the country for bicycling, Minneapolis improved even more over the past year. In 2011 bike traffic numbers increased, the bicycle crash rate decreased and the number of bikeways doubled, according to the City of Minneapolis Bicycling Account: a recently released account on the progress made in Minneapolis’ bicycle program.

Some of the findings in the report:

A total of 35 miles of on-street bikeways were added, including 3.1 miles on repaved and restriped streets downtown Minneapolis. There are now 80 miles of on-street bikeways in Minneapolis: an 80 percent increase over last year. Improvements in 2011 included the completion of some major bike thoroughfares:

Many people already use bikes for transportation in Minneapolis, and the City strives to make bicycling an even more attractive option for others. By choosing to bike instead of drive, residents help keep down traffic congestion, improve our air quality and reduce our dependence on oil. Plus, biking is a healthy way to get around; it boosts physical fitness and lowers health care costs. Minneapolis is among the top nations in the country for bicycle community, according to a U.S. Census comparison of the nation’s 50 biggest cities.

Read the complete City of Minneapolis Bicycling Account.

Published Jan 17, 2012