Crime in Minneapolis remains at lowest levels in decades

Violent crime in Minneapolis continues to drop for the fifth consecutive year in 2011, to a level not seen in nearly 30 years. The Minneapolis police department has released statistics for the year, showing a violent crime drop of 6.3 percent.

City officials credit critical investments in crime-fighting strategies, committed officers, strong leadership, smart policing and engaged community members for bringing crime down to levels not seen in decades.

Highlights of the 2011 year-end crime statistics include:

·         Violent crime in 2011 fell 6.3 percent compared to 2010 and fell 10.3 percent compared to 2009.

o    Overall, violent crime has fallen 42 percent since 2005.

·         The number of violent crimes committed in 2011 was lower than any year since 1983, for a 28-year low.

·         The number of homicides committed in 2011 (32) fell compared to 2010.

o    Overall, homicide has fallen 44 percent since 2006 and is lower than any year since 1985, with the exception of 2009.

·         The number of robberies committed in 2011 rose 2.7 percent compared to 2010 but is flat compared to 2009.

o    Overall, robbery has fallen 50 percent since 2005 and is at levels not seen since before the 1980s.

·         Part I crime in 2011 (violent and property crime together) rose 4.3 percent compared to 2010 but is still at levels not seen since the 1960s.

Even as Minneapolis experienced several tragic, high-profile shooting deaths of youths in 2011, violent crime among youth continues to drop. From 2006–10 (the last year that full statistics are available), the number of youth suspects involved in violent crime dropped 60 percent.

Minneapolis’ nationally recognized Youth Violence Prevention initiative and the Blueprint for Action have played a role in decreasing crime among juveniles, and other community initiatives have also helped drive down crime. For example, a creative community/police collaboration has led to lower crime rates around the Third Precinct hot spots of Peavey Park, Lake Street and the Franklin Avenue LRT station.


Published Jan. 6, 2012