New year brings a change in utility bill calculation

Your monthly Minneapolis utility bill includes charges for your tap water, storm and sanitary sewer, and garbage and recycling pickups. Beginning in January, you will see a change in the billing for the costs of water and sewer services.

Typically at the start of the new year, people would see an increase in the volume rates charged for sewer and water services (a cost that’s based on how much you use). However, this year there’s a new fixed rate component added instead of an increase in the volume rate. Most homes will see a change that adds about $5 in fixed rates per month, but no increase in the volume rate.

Until now, the amount customers paid for water and sewer service was based solely on the amount of water used during the month. However, there are more costs involved than just producing the water itself. The City must maintain the water distribution system and sewer lines that service all homes and businesses at all times, and a decrease in water usage does not decrease the costs to operate these systems. During times when citywide water use is low, there is less money available to maintain and operate these critical systems. This change reflects the fact that these services require fixed maintenance, and adding fixed rate fees will allow the City to manage these services more effectively.

Find your 2012 utility rates at or call 311.

Dec. 19, 2011


Published Dec 19, 2011