City’s public website gets extreme makeover

The City of Minneapolis website has received a major facelift. Beginning Monday, Dec. 19, visitors to will see a more dynamic website with a better design that is easier to navigate and more accessible for people with disabilities. Behind the scenes, the website redesign will also help City staff work more efficiently because of a streamlined process to update content on the web.

The redesign process has been a significant undertaking for the City of Minneapolis and is the culmination of almost two years of work, first with a redesign of the City’s Intranet and now the public website. Approximately 13,000 pages, 50,000 documents and 160,000 links have been converted to the new website format. There are many highlights to the redesign including:

Visitors to the new website will notice that the redesign has changed the web addresses to many of the City’s web pages. Web addresses to department homepages like and pages like remain the same, but many others will change. Users will want to visit the City’s website, find the pages they’re looking for, and update their bookmarks.

Published Dec 17, 2011