Work progresses on repairs to tornado-damaged sidewalks

Crews are busy repairing sidewalks that were damaged by the May 22 tornado in north Minneapolis, and the work is expected to be complete by the middle of October.

Around 1,600 sidewalk panels were damaged when the tornado cut through north Minneapolis, according to a survey of the damage done by the City’s Public Works department. Almost all of this damage was caused when the tornado toppled trees along the sidewalks and curbs, causing the roots to push up the concrete. Once the Park and Recreation Board completed the removal of those tree stumps and roots, crews we able to begin repairs to the sidewalks.

The Mayor and City Council approved plans to make sidewalk repairs without assessing any of the cost to property owners, which is similar to what the City did following a 2009 tornado that damaged neighborhoods in south Minneapolis.

The cost of sidewalk and curb repair work is approximately $300,000, and the City Council has approved a resolution seeking reimbursement of these costs from FEMA and the State of Minnesota.

Last updated Sep 30, 2011