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The Community Engagement Process leading to the Community Participation Program

May to July, 2010: The NCEC and the NCR met directly with the leaders and members of more than 60 of the City’s 71 neighborhood organizations during May, June and July of 2010. During this time, Commissioners and NCR staff attended neighborhood organization Board meetings, community meetings, annual meetings, and Executive Committee meetings of neighborhood organizations across the City, and held three city-wide meetings during this period as well. Flip-chart notes from these meetings were transcribed and sent back to neighborhood organizations when possible for review. The notes were then organized by topic, and reviewed thoroughly by the NCEC during July meetings.

July to October 2010: NCR Staff developed an initial draft of guidelines based on previous Citizen Participation Guidelines for discussion by the NCEC. Staff relied on several sources in revising the draft guidelines, including guidance and direction from the NCEC during committee of the whole meetings as well as regular meetings of the NCEC; original source documents including the Framework for the Future; and input from neighborhoods gathered during the May to July meetings. On August 27, 2010, the NCR sent Draft Guidelines to currently recognized neighborhood organizations in Minneapolis for a 45-day review and comment period. Comments were accepted in writing, either by mail, or by email.

October to December 2010: Following the 45-day review and comment period, Staff and Commissioners reviewed comments, and over several meetings discussed and revised the Guidelines.

The NCEC finalized their recommendation of the draft guidelines at the October 26 th NCEC meeting and were approved by City Council on December 10th, 2010.

The guidelines represent significant time, thought, and input from NCEC members, Minneapolis neighborhood organizations, and other interested groups and individuals.

Last updated Aug 14, 2013