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45-Day Review for Revisions to NRP Policy Board Grievance Procedure begins

The Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) Policy Board is considering revisions to the current procedure for grievances against neighborhood organizations which are brought to the board. This policy covers only those grievances related to the NRP program. A separate grievance process exists for complaints related to the Community Participation Program. The NRP Policy Board has authorized that the Neighborhood and Community Relations Department (NCR) send the proposed revisions to neighborhood organizations for 45 day review and comment.

The amendments to the existing policy cover two areas:

  1. Elimination of language making the decision of the Policy Board final (Section III-4). This provision precluded legal action following a decision of the NRP Policy Board. A 2011 District Court Decision invalidated this provision.
  2. Updating language to reflect the current structure of the NRP Program. The existing policy references bodies such as the Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA) and the Implementation Committee, which no longer exist, and also covers personnel matters for the previous joint powers NRP organization.

None of the amendments changes the basic process for grievances which continue to include the following:

This notice is being sent to neighborhood organizations participating in the NRP Program. Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed policy change is asked to submit written comments by Monday, December 9, 2013. It is preferred that emailed comments be submitted to

Comments may also be mailed or delivered to:

City of Minneapolis
Neighborhood and Community Relations Department
105 5th Avenue South, Room 425
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Please contact Howard Blin at (612) 673-3163 if you have any questions on the proposed policy change.


Last updated Oct 22, 2013