Mayor Rybak: Governor Dayton Listens to Mayors
Mayor Rybak praises Governor’s budget proposal to reduce property taxes and make LGA reliable
January 22, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) — Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak released the following statement about Governor Mark Dayton’s budget proposal:
"Today, Governor Dayton showed that he listens to Minnesota’s mayors.
“For too many years, mayors from both parties and every community tried to make our voices heard at the Capitol about the need to rein in property taxes, stabilize Local Government Aid and stop lurching from deficit to deficit — but  frankly, we had little success and business went on as usual.
“But Governor Dayton changed course: he and Commissioner Myron Frans formed the Mayors Tax Reform Advisory Group, which I was proud to co-chair with St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, and brought mayors to the table to listen to our ideas about how to reform our tax system while keeping our communities safe, strong and vibrant.
“Today, I thank Governor Dayton for releasing a budget without gimmicks that incorporates many of our recommendations about reducing Minnesotans’ property-tax burden, broadening the tax base and making LGA more reliable. I look forward to working productively with him and with legislators in the coming months, and I am confident that mayors’ voices will be heard.”

Published Jan 22, 2013