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Burglar False Alarm Fees

Minneapolis charges alarm owners to recover some of the cost of responding to false alarms.

Every time Minneapolis Police receive an alarm call, they take action. False alarms make it more difficult for police to respond to real emergencies, and are costly to the Minneapolis taxpayer.

Fees for responding to false alarms are:


First false alarm

$30 registration fee

Second false alarm

$100 penalty

Third false alarm

$200 penalty

The fee continues climb by $100 for each additional false alarm. (The fourth false alarm is $300 and so on.)

Preventing False Alarms

Most false alarms are caused by not using the alarm properly, using an outdated alarm, poorly updated equipment, pets, and more.

To prevent false alarms in hour home:

Appealing False Alarm Notifications

Consumer Information:

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Last updated Sep 6, 2016