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How Do I Obtain an Alcohol License?

Prior to submitting a license application, review these considerations:

1. Do you have a site in Minneapolis? The location must be zoned appropriately for the desired use and verified by Zoning staff.

2. Do you meet minimum applicant qualifications? Applicants must not have any felony or two alcohol related misdemeanors in the past five years and must be at least 21 years of age.

3. Do you have legal and traceable funding?

4. What type of establishment would you like license?

5. Are you planning on offering entertainment? The business plan and must be approved for in the specific zoning district.

6. Have you thought about your menu? Establishments must meet specified food service requirements, which may include a minimum number of entrees, for example.

7. Where are your customers going to park?

8. A complete set of requirements are listed in the application.

9. Review the application. Contact a License Inspector if you have questions.

10. Take your application to the Minneapolis Development Review Office at 250 South 4 th Street, Room 300, to begin your Zoning and Health reviews. Free parking is available.

A few tips…

Start Early. Prepare and submit your application well in advance of the date you wish to start your business. It may take extra time to schedule inspections and secure approvals from multiple divisions such as Zoning, Health, and Fire.

Follow the Checklist. The entire set of requirements is listed on the first page of every license application packet.

Know the Requirements. Before you sign a lease, consider making it contingent on obtaining the license you desire. Staff from Zoning can determine the type of business permitted at a location. You may need to submit a floor plan. Additional permits for building, plumbing or mechanical may be required. More information can be obtained from the Minneapolis Development Review Office.

Last updated Jan 10, 2017