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Applying for a Job
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the City of Minneapolis accept paper applications?

Yes. You can receive a paper application by contacting the Human Resources Department at:

Public Service Center
250 South Fourth Street,
Room 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415


Phone: (612) 673-2282

2. I registered with the online application system, but I can’t remember my User ID or Password. Can you tell me what it is?

Click the "Login Help" link on the Careers page to request that your User ID or Password be sent to the e-mail address you previously provided in your Profile. If you did not provide an e-mail address in your profile, you will need to call Human Resources and request that they update your Profile with your e-mail address. Once your profile is updated, you can request your User ID or reset your Password on the Careers page by clicking the "Login Help" link. The Human Resources Department does not have access to view or update User IDs or Passwords.

3. When I try to access the application, I get an error message that will not allow me to see the page. What can I do?

Try closing your web browser and then opening it again. After you re-open the browser, delete your temporary internet files and cookies. To do this, on your browser’s toolbar click Tools, then Internet Options. In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete Cookies and also Delete Files. After you have completed these tasks, you should be able to access the application.

If you are still having problems, contact your systems administrator or Internet service provider, as they may have a firewall installed that is preventing you from viewing our page.

4. How can I view more information about one of the job postings?

Click on the job title for a full description of the position. If you want to apply for that job, just click the "Apply Now" button on the posting.

5. How often is the job posting information updated?

New job postings are usually opened on Mondays. Please note that the availability of each position is subject to change at any time.

6. Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes. You may select multiple positions by clicking in the box(es) to the left of the job title(s) of the jobs you are interested in and then clicking "Apply Now". The same application information will be submitted for each position selected.

7. I’m not sure how to fill out the application.

Please read How to Apply Online. If you still have questions, contact the Human Resources Department at (612) 673-2282. If you would like help in person, please visit the Human Resources lobby and our staff will be happy to assist you. Human Resources is located in the Public Service Center at 250 South Fourth Street, Room 100 in Minneapolis.

8. I submitted an application for a position but now would like to change my application information.

Once you have pressed "Submit", you will not be able to apply again for that position or change the information on the application that you submitted. You can change your profile information at any time by selecting the "My Profile" link on the Careers page.

9. If I have saved an application as a draft, can I submit it after the position is no longer open for application?

No. We cannot accept applications after a position is no longer open for application. Please write down the application closing date for each position you are applying for and make sure you submit your completed application by that date.

10. Can I attach a resume and a cover letter to my application?

No, not online. You may mail a hard copy or email these supporting documents to the HR staff member listed on the job posting description.

11. If I send in a resume, do I need to fill out the application?

Yes. If you do not complete all relevant sections of the online application, it will be considered incomplete and will disqualify you from further consideration.

12. Do I need to submit an application in order to apply?

Yes. The City of Minneapolis requires all applicants to complete an employment application in order to be considered for classified City positions. If you submit an online application without selecting a position, your application will not be considered.

13. Will you consider my application for other positions that are available at the City of Minneapolis?

You will only be considered for the position(s) for which you actively submit an application. If you would like to be considered for other positions, you will need to submit your application for each position while it is open for accepting applications.

14. Do I have to fill out all portions of the application if I send in a resume?

Yes. In order to receive full consideration you need to completely fill out each section of the application, even if you send in a resume independent of the online application. Sending in a resume is optional. Completing all sections of the official online employment application is mandatory.

15. When is my application due?

All online applications must be submitted no later than midnight on the closing date for the position. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

16. Can I print my application?

You will not be able to print your application as one document at the end of the application process. You will need to print each page of the application individually as you complete it.

17. How do I know that you have received my application?

Once you submit your application and agree to the conditions of application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly thereafter. This confirmation can only be sent if you provided an e-mail address in your profile.

18. How long after I apply might I be called for an interview?

The time varies depending on the length of the selection process for each position. The hiring department will directly notify the applicants that they decide to interview.

19. Who can I contact for specific questions not listed here?

City of Minneapolis Human Resources Department
Public Service Center
250 South Fourth Street,
Room 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415


Phone: (612) 673-2282

Last updated Sep 27, 2011