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Public Computer Availability in Minneapolis

Public access to computers and the Internet is important for those who don’t have access at home.

The City’s IT department reviewed the number of computers available to the public at libraries, parks, community centers, and employment and social service organizations. While there are about 1700 public computers available, less than half are open to the general public, and access during evenings and weekends drops dramatically.

Public PC Availability


Factoid: The existing public computer availability in Minneapolis will only allow about 100 minutes of online access per week per household for the 24,750 households (15%) without any Internet access at home.

Data for the analysis originated from the Technology Literacy Collaborative (TLC) website, and was supplemented by IT staff and Step Up Interns contacting Minneapolis sites to update and add to the TLC. 

Please contact Elise Ebhardt, 612-673-2026 to add Minneapolis public computer sites to the TLC or to update data for an existing site.  

Last updated Mar 5, 2015