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Professional Services Master Contract Process

The IT Master Contract system is used by City departments needing information and technology contractors. The purpose of this process is to expedite procedures and improve access to a larger contractor pool in order to find the most qualified person.

Types of contracts:

Contracts of $50,000 or less during a 12 month period:
The hiring manager will prepare a job scope including description, milestones and deliverables. They will provide the job scope to three or more potential active Master Contractors that qualify for that job title.

Respondents will email or fax the response. Rate charged and top rate for that title from the State’s master contract system. From the responses the hiring manager selects the candidate who best matches the scope criteria. The IT Contract Administrator will monitor the execution process and retain the records.

Contracts exceeding $50,000 during 12 month period:
Hiring Manager will prepare the scope including work description, deliverables, and milestones for the IT Contract Administrator to seek respondents. The IT Contract Administrator will post the opening on the public website for a minimum of five business days; and will usually email qualifying master contractors notice of the opening.

All master contract holders in good standing and qualified for that job title at the State may respond.

A panel composed of the hiring manager, supervisor, or peer to the hiring manager, and the IT Contract Administrator, at minimum, form the panel to rank the candidates. Interviews may be conducted. The IT Contract Administrator will notify all respondents of the outcome.

No scope may exceed $500,000 without Formal Council Action.

Processing a scope
The scope is issued electronically on the "Master Scope Template" form to the contractor. The average hourly rate for that resource type (shown on the State's website at the time the City's contract is executed) is listed. The contractor prints, signed, and returns 3 copies. Once the hiring manager signs the scope, it must be submitted to the IT Contract Administrator who will coordinate the execution process. A fully executed scope is signed by the Contractor, hiring manager and Chief Information Office and approved by Central City Contract Management before work can begin.

Amending a scope
Scopes needing amendment will be submitted on a "Master Scope Amendment Template" to the IT Contract Administrator.

Time Reporting
All contract resources will be provided time records forms. Time record form must list the project ID and contract/scope numbers to be provided by the hiring manager. The contract resource is to provide a time record for the 1st through 15th and another for the 16th through the end of the month. Time report must be signed by project manager and faxed to the contractor home office.

Status Reports
The resource must provide a status report once a month to be attached to the invoice for the latter half of the month. It will show progress toward milestones and deliverables.

Contractors with 20 employees or subcontractors or less may submit invoices semi-monthly. Companies that belong in this group will invoice for the first half of the month and attach one time record; and will invoice the second half of the month and attach one time record and a status report. Larger companies will invoice once a month attaching two time records and one status report. Invoice must have the contract and scope number.

Each scope must be invoiced separately with time records and if applicable status report attached.

Completing and finalizing a scope
The final invoice for each scope must state "Final Invoice for Scope #__" No further invoices may be submitted for that scope as the contractor is thereby stating that the work on the scope is complete and paid in full with payment of that invoice. A copy of the final invoice will be sent to the City Contract Management Office by the IT Contract Administrator after the invoice has been paid.

An evaluation using the Master Scope Evaluation Form will be completed by the hiring manager within 30 days of the scope end date. The completed and signed form will be provided to the IT Contract Administrator.

Last updated Feb. 1, 2012