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Housing Inspections Services
250 South 4th Street, Room 300
Minneapolis, MN 55415

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List of Helpful Resources

For seniors, disabled individuals, or low-income residents:

Senior Linkage Line
Assists seniors and disabled persons find any services they need. 800-333-2433

Helps seniors and the disabled live independently at home, by matching them with people who can help with housekeeping, minor home repairs, lawn-mowing, snow removal, seasonal jobs, and outdoor chores. Application deadline is in the spring—please call for exact information. 612-276-1578 or

Neighborhood Involvement Program
A non-profit organization that provides medical, dental, and mental health services to youth and seniors. 612-374-3322 

Non-Profit, interfaith Organization which serves the needs of seniors, families, and the youth through various programs 612-827-6159

A Brush with Kindness
Volunteers help low-income homeowners do minor exterior repairs, light landscaping, clean-up, and painting. Able-bodied homeowners work alongside volunteers on repairs. Pat Lund, 612-788-8169 or

Hearts & Hammers
Volunteers paint the exteriors of homes owned by seniors who are not able to do the work themselves. They specialize in homes that are 2 stories or 2 ½ stories tall. They also do exterior rehab work, such as caulking, landscaping, etc., to restore the exterior character of the home and to improve its weatherproofing and security. All work is FREE and completed by a crew of volunteers in one day. Application deadline is in the spring—please call for exact information. 952-922-2451

Metro Paint-A-Thon
Volunteers will scrape, prime and paint the exteriors of selected homes owned by persons 60 years of age or older or by persons with permanent physical disabilities. Application deadline is in mid-April of each calendar year. Contact coordinator Molly Chandler 612-276-1579

Rebuilding Together
Rebuilding Together helps to preserve and revitalize houses, serving low-income homeowners, seniors, disabled persons, and families with children. They provide repairs - like roofing, plumbing, & electrical work - free of charge. 651-776-4273

Financing and Loans for a variety of income levels (check with your bank, too)

Center for Energy & Environment (CEE) and Neighborhood Revitalization Program
CEE offers a variety of low-interest loans and grants to Minneapolis property owners – including rental property - to help them fix-up their homes. On behalf of neighborhood groups, CEE also administers Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) low-interest and forgivable loans for home improvement. Call CEE at 612-335-5858.

City Living Program
Home-Improvement Loans 612-673-5289

GMHC Housing Resource Center
The Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation (GMHC) Housing Resource Center provides code-abatement loans, home-improvement financing, deferred loans, construction consultations, and housing information. Call (Downtown HQ 612-339-0601) (North 612-588-3033) (South 612-722-7141)

Neighborhood Housing Services of Minneapolis
Helps owner-occupants of select neighborhoods throughout Minneapolis with repairs and remodeling. Call 612-521-3581 to find out what programs may be available in your area.

City of Minneapolis Departments

Neighborhood and Community Relations
Supports and broadens community engagement through involvement and support in various community organizations/activities. Call 612-673-3737

Department of Health
Overall works towards health equity and well-being of the community. Some of their goals include strong public health, healthy eating, healthy relationships, and violence free youth. All in all the well-being of citizens. Call 612-673-2301

Public Works
Deals with a variety of things within the city such as: Drinking water treatment, garbage, recycling, yard waste, parking, planning and engineering construction information, sewer maintenance, sidewalks, snow removal, storm and surface water management, street sweeping, traffic, etc. Call 612-673-3000

Involved in coordinating and rationalizing all city planning and development activity. Call 612-673-5095

Animal Care & Control
Provide a safe environment for animals. 612-673-6222

Human Resources
Acts as a main source for the city of Minneapolis 612-673-2282


Minnesota Homeownership Center
Assists first time home buyers with homeowner preparation and foreclosure prevention. 651-659-9336

Minneapolis Advantage Program
Provides down payment as a motivation to home buyers to purchase foreclosed homes. Call 612-588-3033

Vacant Housing Recycling Program
This program brings CPED’s expertise together with neighborhood-based partners in efforts to remove blight. It also provides matching funds for the acquisition and disposition of residential properties. Call 612-673-2233

Minneapolis Neighborhood Stabilization Program
Minneapolis received more than $14 million in stabilization funds. Eligible uses of the funds include: financing mechanisms, purchase and rehabilitation of abandoned and foreclosed homes, etc. Call Community Planning & Economic Development 612-673-5095

Last updated Oct 1, 2014