Public Works Department

Minneapolis Impound Lot
51 Colfax Ave North
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Phone: (612) 673-5777
Fax: (612) 370-3974
TTY: (612) 673-2157
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Public Auctions

Public Auctions are conducted on the first Thursday of each month at the Impound Lot.

The City contracts with to auction impounded vehicles. is solely responsible for accuracy and appropriateness of information on its website.

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Quick Facts about Auctions:

See complete public auction rules (pdf) for more details.

License Plates and Vehicle Title

Vehicles sold at auction do not have license plates. The buyer will need to request a 21-day permit (temporary registration) to drive the vehicle out of the Impound Lot. Permits are available at the Impound Lot at no charge.

To get a title for the vehicle, you will need the Bill of Sale. It will be sent to you by mail in 1-2 weeks. The Bill of Sale allows you to apply for a title and new license plates at Driver and Vehicle Services. On the back of the Bill of Sale is a safety check. The vehicle must pass the Safety Check in order to apply for a title.

Driver and Vehicle Services requires salvaged or rebuilt vehicles to be inspected. The nearest inspection station is in St. Paul, visit Driver and Vehicle Services or call (651) 282-2173.

Last updated Oct 4, 2016