Public Works Department

Minneapolis Impound Lot
51 Colfax Ave North
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Phone: (612) 673-5777
Fax: (612) 370-3974
TTY: (612) 673-2157
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Minneapolis Impound Lot

Recovery of Proceeds from Impound Lot Sale Settlement

Add your voice to improving the Minneapolis Impound Lot

The City has launched an online survey to gather feedback for the Impound Lot Facility Improvement Project from Minneapolis residents. Project organizers will use survey results to identify additional improvement ideas and understand community perceptions about the impound lot. 

The project is in the master planning phase, which will determine whether to renovate and expand the existing impound lot building or replace it with a new structure. Additionally, the facility’s footprint will be reduced and new landscaping, fencing and security improvements, and energy efficiency improvements will be made. Construction is expected to start in summer 2017 and take about a year to complete.

The survey is available in English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali. Take the survey at


Think your vehicle has been towed?

Within 72 hours, the City mails a notice to the registered owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not picked up within 15 days of the notice, it may be sold at auction.

Why did it get towed?

Vehicles are towed for many reasons, including:

Avoid Being Towed

Reduce the possibility of your car being towed:

Last updated Feb 23, 2017