Intergovernmental Relations

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Intergovernmental Relations

2016 Legislative Agenda (pdf)

2016 Legislative Policy Positions (pdf)

FY2015 Federal Policies Agenda (pdf)
As Adopted on August 15, 2014
Amended on October 31, 2014
Amended on December 12, 2014

Minneapolis Legislative Delegation List


The Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) Department has a Director and three Government Relations Representatives.

The director has many varied responsibilities: to be the federal liaison, to manage the IGR team and to be the lead lobbyist on state issues as necessary. In the federal capacity, the director lobbies the federal legislative process to maximize the advantages to the City resulting from federal programs. Also, the director communicates regularly with federal elected officials and local elected officials, exchanging information to keep them up-to-date with issues that have an impact on the City. Additionally, the director provides information about federal bills, hearings, regulations, reports, studies, agencies, national organizations, and Congressional and Cabinet members.

The Government Relations Representatives report to the Director and serve as liaisons of the City to the state government and other governmental entities. They also analyze and research legislative proposals, propose policy alternatives to the IGR Committee of the City Council, keep elected officials and department heads informed of legislative activity, summarize legislative enactments affecting the City, and identify future issues on which the City should take a position.

The Government Relations team also works to enhance the city's partnership and communications with metropolitan and local units of government, and the Metropolitan Airports Commission. Metropolitan governments include the Metro Council and the regional operating commissions. Local units of government include other cities and Hennepin County. This function also involves participation in such organizations as Metro Cities and the League of Minnesota Cities.

IGR is under the City Coordinator's Office. IGR manages the Office of Grants and Special Projects which provides leadership and direction to the City and its departments in the areas of grant seeking, writing and management.

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