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Patience Ferguson, Chief HR Officer

Rule 16 - Definitions

Affirmative Action is the additional actions or procedures that an organization undertakes in order to try and correct past discriminatory practices. It refers to those active, positive, additional steps necessary to bring protected class workers up to their proper level of representation in the organization's workforce.

Application Register is the file in which is entered applicant names, order/dates of application, and job titles sought.

Appointing Officer is the person empowered by law or by delegated authority to make appointments to positions in the City service.

Appointment is the actual hire of an eligible candidate into the classified service. Usually three persons are certified for a vacancy, but a City department interviews, selects, and generally appoints only one. The date on which employment with the City begins is the original appointment date. (CSC 3/14/02)

Availability or Interest Inquiry is an inquiry sent to persons on an existing list of eligible candidates or in the City's active applicant pool in order to gather additional data from them. The additional data needed may be in reference to hours, location preference; or in reference to additional skills, licenses, or requirements necessary for a particular upcoming vacancy; to verify their continued interest in City employment, or in reference to other necessary information. (CSC 3/14/02)

Bumping is the process where an employee who is laid off may according to Commission rules or according to their collective bargaining agreement have an option to displace another employee in the classified service, if certain conditions are met. (CSC 3/14/02)

Certification is the process of sending out to the requisitioning department the names of persons from the list of eligible candidates who are certified as qualified in all respects by virtue of having passed the entire Human Resources Department selection process. (CSC 3/14/02)

Child is an individual under 18 years of age or an individual under age 20 who is still attending secondary school. “Child” includes the employee’s stepchild and a biological, adopted and foster child. (CSC 8/27/13)

Classified Service is the group of City employees who hold job titles included in the official listing published by the Commission.

Commission is the Civil Service Commission.

Department is, except for layoff purposes, a branch of the City service under the jurisdiction of an officer, board, or commission. For purposes of layoff, unless otherwise specified in a collective bargaining agreement, department means: General City or Park Board. (CSC 3/14/02) (CSC 2/24/09)

Detail is the temporary assignment of current City employees to different job classes than their status class.

Eligible Candidate is a person who has taken and passed all parts of the selection process prior to certification. (CSC 3/14/02)

Eligible List (See List of Eligible Candidates) (CSC 3/14/02)

Employee is every agent and worker in the classified service of the City.

Equal Employment Opportunity is a policy of equal treatment and non-discrimination in recruitment, selection, training, job assignment, compensation, promotion, layoff, and all other aspects of employment and retention; no special or biased actions are taken because of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, affectional preference, disability, age, marital status, status with regard to public assistance or any other non-merit factor.

Family Member is the employee’s parent, spouse, sibling, child, adult child, grandparent, stepparent, guardian, ward or registered domestic partner as defined in Minneapolis Code of Ordinances Chapter 142. (CSC 11/21/95) (CSC 8/27/13)

Federal Job Category (FJC) is one of eleven categories established by the federal government to break down occupations into homogeneous groupings. Those FJC's are: 01 - officials and administrators; 02 - professional; 03 - technical; 04 - protective services; 05 - clerical/office; 06 - skilled craft; 07 - unused number; 08 - service/maintenance; 09 - unused number; 10 - para-professional; and 11 - unclassified.

Grade Level is the relative value assigned to a class when it is compared to other classes in the same field of work and within the City organizational structure as a whole.

Human Resources Department is the Human Resources Director and his or her staff, all of whom report to the Civil Service Commission.

Job Class is one or more positions sufficiently similar with respect to duties and responsibilities so that the same descriptive title may be used to designate each position assigned to the class, the same general qualifications are needed for performance of the duties of the class, the same tests may be used to select employees, and the same schedule of pay can be applied with equity to all positions in the class.

Job Class Series are occupational career ladders within promotional lines which include an entry level job class or classes which can be filled by persons with the basic preparation necessary to enter the occupation, "senior" job classes typically performed by persons who have acquired considerable knowledge of the occupational field and are able to perform a wide range of complex tasks typical of the occupation, and "expert" job classes usually performed only by persons with thorough experience who are able to handle the most difficult and complex work in the field. Typically, such series are designated by a "I" following entry level classes, a "II" following senior level job classes, and a "III" following expert job classes.

Job Class Specification is a written statement describing typical duties; responsibilities; entrance qualification standards; and knowledge, abilities, and skills required for full job-performance of the duties in a class of positions.

Job Class Title is the official title of every position assigned to the class and is used on all payrolls, budget estimates, and official records and reports relating to such positions. However, any other title desired by departmental officials may be used to designate any position for purposes of internal departmental administration and in any other connection not involving the personnel processes covered by the Charter or these Rules. The departmental title is referred to as the "working title".

Job Classification or Job Evaluation is the process of analyzing each position or group of duties and responsibilities being performed to determine the level of responsibility, the differences and similarities of the duties to those of other positions in the system, the most appropriate job class, grade level, and most descriptive title for the position.

Layoff is the reduction of employees in accordance with Commission rules or collective bargaining agreement provision, whichever is applicable. (CSC 3/14/02)

List of Eligible Candidates - for the purposes of the rules of the Civil Service Commission of the City of Minneapolis, "register of eligible candidates" and "list of eligible candidates" shall be synonymous to "eligible register/list" and is the eligible register that includes the names of all candidates who successfully pass an examination and are ranked from highest to lowest according to final scores. (CSC 3/14/02)

Merit is the principle and policy whereby personnel decisions are based upon ability and competence and not upon political affiliation or patronage considerations.

Military Leave is a leave of absence granted under state or federal law to employees during military service. (CSC 2/24/09)

Performance Evaluation is an objective, job-related measurement and rating of employee job performance for use in employee development, promotional examinations and other personnel areas. For the purposes of these rules "performance evaluation" and "efficiency rating" are the same.

Permanent Employee is an employee in the classified service who has successfully completed their probationary period.

Permit is the temporary employment of a person who is not a current City employee.

Position is any specific single job calling for the performance of a certain set of job duties.

Probationary Period is a working test period after permanent or recurrent appointment during which a new employee is required to demonstrate fitness for the position by actual performance of the duties of the position.

Promotional Examinations are those limited to employees in the classified service who meet required time-in-grade and other minimum qualifications. (CSC 3/14/02)

Promotional Line is an arrangement of classes by grades in which experience in classes in a given grade more nearly tends to qualify the incumbents for classes in the next higher grade than would experience in classes of a different promotional line. This does not mean that experience in a class in a given promotional line automatically provides to the incumbent all of the qualifications and requirements of class in the next higher grade. Neither does it mean that the duties of classes in a given promotional line need be identical in type.

Protected Class is a group of persons that is specifically protected by law against discrimination.

Qualified Candidate - (See Eligible Candidate) (CSC 3/14/02)

Reinstatement is the placement of a satisfactory former employee who completed probation on a list of candidates eligible for rehire for up to two years. (CSC 3/14/02)

Requisition is the Human Resources Department form used by a department to request names to be certified to fill an authorized vacancy.

Restoration is the replacement of a former eligible candidate or employee who separated prior to completing probation upon the same eligible candidate list from which they have been certified. Their names will remain on that list until the expiration date of the list. (CSC 3/14/02)

Service (see Classified Service)

Service Register is the permanent record in which all classified employees of the City are entered along with their job title(s), address, age, records of past employment and other data on each employee that the Commission decides is useful and/or necessary to maintain. (CSC 3/14/02)

Tracer - (See Availability or Interest Inquiry) (CSC 3/14/02)

Transfer Between Departments is a change by an employee from one position to another position of the same class in another department without examination.

Transfer of Title is changing a classified employee's job title, without examination, to another title of the same or lower grade level, provided the jobs are similar and the person is qualified to perform the duties of the second job.

Unclassified Service is that group of City positions not subject to these rules.

Veteran is a person defined as a veteran by Minnesota Statutes.

Veterans Preference are rights granted to veterans by the Minnesota Statutes. (CSC 2/24/09)

Waiver is a written notice to the Human Resources Department from a person on a list of eligible candidates or active in the City's applicant pool notifying the Human Resources Department that they are not available for particular types of vacancies, for specific departments, for a certain period of time, or for other legitimate and reasonable reasons until further notice. Vacancies of the type waived by the eligible applicant or employee will not be offered to that person. (CSC 3/14/02)

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