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13.01 Purpose

The purpose of Rule 13 is to allow employees to voluntarily separate employment. (CSC 12/15/15)

13.02 Resignation

An employee may resign employment by submitting their resignation in writing or on the record at a hearing conducted by a Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission. A resignation shall be effective immediately or upon a date stated in the resignation. (CSC 12/15/15)

13.03 Withdrawal of Resignation

An employee may request to withdraw a resignation within five calendar days after the employee gives notice of resignation. (CSC 12/15/15)

13.04 Resignation by Abandonment of Position (CSC 2/24/09)

The unexcused absence of an employee from duty for a period of three successive work days or longer, will be considered a resignation. (CSC 2/24/09)

13.05 Resignation by Acceptance of another Position in the City Service

Whenever an employee of any position in the classified service of the City accepts appointment to a position of another class, the employee will be considered to have resigned from their former position.

13.06 Failure to Return Following Suspension or Leave of Absence

Failure of an employee to return to their position on the date of expiration of suspension or leave of absence will be considered a resignation. (CSC 2/24/09)

Last updated Jan 5, 2016