Metropass: Pre-Tax Public Transit Benefit

The Transportation Equity Act of 2000 (IRS Code Section 132) allows the City of Minneapolis to provide valuable tax savings to its employees for mass transit expenses. The City offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this tax exemption by enrolling in the Metropass program and purchasing a pass on a pre-tax payroll deduction basis.

The Metropass allows a participant unlimited bus and light rail rides while enrolled. For the majority of City employees, the Metropoass currently costs $50 per month.  Different rates apply to certain employee groups.


This benefit is for regular full time, part time, and seasonal City of Minneapolis employees only. Temporary, intermittent, and contract employees are not eligible.

Independent Board and Agency employees should contact their Human Resources Department to determine if the board or agency has established a Metropass program.

How It Works


Metropass Forms

Last updated Feb 2, 2017